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Hradební 189, 390 01 Tábor - Staré město, tel: +420 381 252 109, mobil: +420 777 161 643, mail: Karel.Bican@volny.cz, bican@pension189.cz

Pension 189 in the historic town of Tábor situated in the beautiful countryside of Southern Bohemia!

Pension 189

This lovely family-run pension is sure to inspire you to linger in Tábor. The view from either side of the pension couldn´t be nicer: One side faces the Old Town, the other offers a soothing view of the river and the rolling landscape beyond.

The premises date from the 14th century, and the Bicans will gladly oblige with a minitour of the house´s own catacombs. The chilly basement lounge is a godsend on sweltering summer days.

  • Lovely apartments with baths, and mostly with own kitchenette
  • Sattelite TV, minibars,
  • Free Wifi internet connection
  • Terrace or the front garden for pleasant sitting outside
  • Beer bar

Parking is available for a fee at the 50m public Car park or in the Tábor Parking Center.


Contact Pension 189
Hradební 189
390 01 Tábor - Staré město
Czech republic
tel:     +420 381 252 109
mobil: +420 777 161 643
          +420 777 161 634
mail: Karel.Bican@volny.cz,


map Hradební 189, Tábor

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