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History of shield 189

At the beginning of the 16th century the house belonged to the family of Zářeckých Polkovice. Jan Zářecký of Polkovice was the administrator of urban farms and owned a village Dražičky.

Shield 189Picture 189

In 1527, his daughter Margaret married Jan Petřek, who was under the reign of King Ferdinand I. Habsburg. Grandeur d. 1534.12. Mart. permitted to writing a Polkovice and was given this coat of arms.

Shield red box and in it yellowish color half-horned deer, head with open mouth to the right side repent, raised horns and antlers at the end of the top of the shield is touching, the necklace belted. The necklace is decorated with gold ring.

The current residential character made famous Tabor's painter Aleš Slavík in 2004


The source: August Sedláček, Českomoravská heraldika II., Praha 1925.S.567 PETŘEK Z POLKOVIC.


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